Founded in December of 2023, Tasha & Krista bonded over kitties & how they've positively impacted their lives, especially during difficult times. The pair quickly got to work building a thoughtful nonprofit with the focus on rescuing as many kitties as they could, nurturing them back to health & then finding their purrect furever homes. Thank you for your continued support!
xo, T&K

56 kitties rescued 45 adopted in 2024
  • Natasha H.

    Natasha is the Co-founder and the main home/caretaker for the kitties.

  • Krista D.

    Krista is the Co-founder and the digital and business expert.

  • Lucky Penny Kitties

    Lucky Penny Kitties was founded in Waverly, Iowa in 2023. Together, these two make an unstoppable team that will continue to save as many kitties in the Cedar Valley as possible. Your contributions help make their dreams into this reality, thank you!

  • Kitten visit

    Holland stopped to check in on the kittens and was so overjoyed to hold one of the newest additions.

  • Homeschool visit

    This fun kiddo and his big brother came to visit all of the LPK kitties as a learning experience for their homeschooling curriculum.

  • Tasha and her mom

    It is always interesting when Tasha and her mom, Christine, get together. Never a dull moment haha! They are pet sitting and a having too much fun! 😹

  • Since birth

    Tasha used to be a professional photographer. This sweet girl, Rose, is one that she had been photographing since she was just hours old! Her family is part of Tasha's family now 🩷

  • Art Walk 2024

    We had such a successful 1st art walk! We saw so many happy faces and can't wait to do it again next year!

  • First meeting

    Franny is adopted by this adorable young man and his family. This was at Waverly's Art Walk where he finally got to meet him for the very first time... instant love!